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WATCH: Agent Catherine Taylor shares the joy of living in North Carolina


In the latest episode of Friday Faces, tour a stunning home on the water in North Carolina while learning about Catherine Taylor, a luxury real estate agent at Allen Tate.

Ms. Taylor initially got into real estate for her love of architecture and people.

“I like all architectural styles as long as they are well done,” she said.

Watch on for more from Ms. Taylor.

Real estate agent Catherine Taylor talks living in North Carolina
Sweet Carolin[a]

For the past 30 years, Ms. Taylor has lived, worked and raised her children in North Carolina. Accordingly, she is a strong advocate of the region, particularly the areas of Charlotte and Norman.

It is hard to blame her with the area’s incredible climate, where she takes her West Highland Terrier, Sophie, for walks in her favorite pair of sunglasses. Otherwise, she may stop by the town of Davidson to enjoy The Pickled Peach restaurant.

Ms. Taylor’s contentedness with the weather is shared by her clients.

“Accessible to greenways and parks, lake access and waterfront, as well as golf courses,” Ms. Taylor said of their favorite community amenities.

Meanwhile, buyer preferences for the interior reflect the “new normal” lifestyle.

“In the last two years, I have seen more need for multigenerational living, two bedrooms on the main floor, two offices, a lot of outdoor living space and especially pools,” she said.

House of memories

Unsurprisingly, Ms. Taylor’s dream home would also embrace the outdoors. She prefers a seamless integration of inside and out, plenty of natural light and staying close to the water.

Fortunately for Ms. Taylor, her home features a splendid, covered terrace and porch to soak up crisp autumn days.

Remarkable memories were created within her house. To this day she loves making homemade ravioli with her husband and reflecting on her children’s upbringing.

“My most memorable book series was the Harry Potter series,” she said. “Both my son and daughter were the same age as the characters. We enjoyed reading the books together as a family. It was an incredible bonding experience.”

MORE STORIES are sure to be written in Ms. Taylor’s life as she plans her next family adventure, all-the-while sipping a timely beverage.

“I love an americano with a flavor shot,” she said. “Currently, it is pumpkin spice.”