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The city of Athens, Greece, is located in the Attica region. As one of the oldest cities in the world, it is rich with culture and history from a long-ago time all the way up through the present day. Athens is also the capital of Greece and the largest city in the country.  

In early times, Athens was a center for philosophy, learning and art, as well as a powerful city-state. Now, there are nearly 665,000 people within city limits and more than 3.5 million people in the metropolitan area of Athens. It is still widely regarded for its culture and influence.  

The Port of Piraeus is located in Athens, and the city is central to maritime interests throughout Greece. Athens is also important to the country’s economic, financial, political, industrial and cultural life.  

The recorded history of Athens goes back more than 3,400 years, and residents and visitors can find historic buildings and artifacts in many locations throughout the area.  

The National Library of Greece is located in Athens, as is the Museum of Cycladic Art, the Benaki Museum and the Acropolis Museum. History enthusiasts from all over the world come to Athens, to explore the culture and the past in a place where they can see and experience remnants of a far different time.  

Athens has been called the cradle of Western civilization and was the home of Aristotle's Lyceum and Plato's Academy. Modern Athens holds onto many of its cultural roots, but also widens its experiences to encompass modern-day Greece and Europe.  

Residents of Athens are surrounded by history throughout the city, from the center to the suburbs. They also enjoy modern styling in many of their shopping and dining options, as well as parks and green spaces to explore.  

There are Roman and Byzantine monuments in Athens along with modern-day shops and buildings. The mix between the old and the new lends areas of Athens a high degree of charm and a cozy feel that speaks to a smaller location instead of such a large city.  

With everything from apartments and townhomes in or close to the city's center to large, multi-acre estates outside the city, there are many opportunities for residents to purchase luxury properties. The look and feel they desire in their property will help steer them toward the neighborhood and location that will be right for their needs.  

Athens has a relatively mild climate, allowing residents and visitors to spend a lot of time outdoors during all months of the year. There can be heatwaves and cold snaps, but most of the time the weather is comfortable for hiking, biking, walking, running and outdoor experiences.  

Owners of luxury homes in Athens have some options for the kinds of views and types of experiences they want. From living in the heart of a bustling metropolis with everything at their fingertips, to waking up to rolling hills and nature views, the Athens area has it all.  

Athens has a number of neighborhoods to choose from. Syntagma offers fashion shops, notable hotels and expensive, high-end brands, while Kolonaki is located at the bottom of Lycabettus Hill and features boutiques, bars and fashionable restaurants.  

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