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London is a cosmopolitan city and serves as the capital of England, the anchor of the United Kingdom. Even though London is a 21st-century city, it is also a city with a rich history that dates all the way back to the time of the Romans. As the seat of the British government, it is also one of the most important cities for international finance and political affairs.  

London is a city with a population of nine million people living at an elevation of 11 meters or 36 feet. The population density is approximately 5,600 people per square kilometer or 14,600 people per square mile. It is at the center of several major roadways and transportation hubs, including M20, M25 and M1.  

London is filled with a wide variety of historical attractions. One of the most popular places to visit is the Churchill War Rooms, which provide people with an inside look at what life was like in London during World War II. In particular, the city suffered greatly during the German Blitz, and the Battle of Britain remains an important part of the identity of the city even to this day.  

Another major historical attraction is the Tower of London. This provides people with a look at what life was like living in London during medieval and Renaissance times. London is a city that has evolved significantly during the past few centuries, but it has not lost its original identity.   

London is also a city that is inextricably musical. When people think about music and London, they usually think about the Beatles. For this reason, Abbey Road is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. This provides residents and visitors with an opportunity to learn more about the most successful band of all time.  

London is also home to some amazing shopping opportunities. For example, people love to check out Harrods, which is known for its luxury goods. Harrods sells just about everything ranging from candy to clothes and electronics to home furnishings. There is a multi-story store located in the center of London.   

Of course, London also has its fair share of iconic landmarks. This includes Big Ben, which is one of the most recognizable clock towers in the world, as well as London Bridge, which has had nursery rhymes written about it.   

London is also considered to be a major educational center. Some of the top schools in London include the Stuart Bilingual School, the International School of London and the American School in London. Because London is home to a wide variety of international businessmen, it is not unusual for children from multiple countries to be seen at any one of these schools.  

London has a thriving luxury real estate market. Chelsea is a great neighborhood for people who love sports because it provides easy access to a wide variety of parks as well as the Chelsea football team. The West End is a great location for people who need to be close to some of the biggest transportation hubs, as there are plenty of mass transit options in and out of this area.  

Covent Garden and Coleridge Gardens are great neighborhoods for families with children because they tend to be a bit quieter. There are a lot of opportunities for children to play outside during the day without having to worry about a lot of cars.   

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