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Although Northridge is located within the greater Los Angeles area, it has its own unique identity that sets it apart from the rest of the city. Located within the San Fernando Valley, Northridge has convenient access to other nearby boroughs of Los Angeles while also giving you access to pristine natural areas and parks. Northridge is best known for being the home of California State University, but even with the university at the heart of the city, it’s known as a blend of youthful urban feel with a touch of small-town ambiance. 

There are many cafes, restaurants, cultural attractions, green spaces, and shopping areas located within Northridge, including the Northridge Fashion Center and Devonshire-Reseda Shopping Center. If you want to get your roots back to nature, a short drive delivers you to the natural wonders of the San Fernando Valley, including a wide array of national and state parks. A center for cultural and contemporary entertainment and arts, many festivals and events take place in Northridge, such as the Valley Greek Festival and the Reseda Boulevard Summer Series.  

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