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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, is an excellent location for luxury properties and a comfortable and enjoyable quality of life. As the most populous city in Australia, Sydney is located on the country's east coast – a metropolis that surrounds the harbor. 

The boundaries of Sydney extend to the west toward the Blue Mountains, and to the north toward Hawkesbury. In the south, Sydney is pointed toward the Royal National Park, and the southwest side is facing Macarthur. 

There are more than 650 suburbs around Sydney, with 33 areas of local government. The city has a metro population of just over 5.2 million, which is 66 percent of the total population of New South Wales. 

Sydney is called both the Harbor City and the Emerald City, a nickname it shares with Seattle, Washington, in the United States. The city is located within a coastal basin, and spans Hornsby Plateau and the Cumberland Plain. 

Flat areas and steep valleys are both part of the geography of the Sydney area, which has continued to expand as development in the city has grown. What started out as a small settlement has become a sprawling metropolis that is home to millions of residents and hosts millions more tourists every year. 

Trees are seen throughout Sydney, with nearly 26 percent of the city covered by them, tying with Vancouver, Canada, for the third-largest percentage of tree coverage in a major city. 

The natural beauty of the area is all around Sydney and has been incorporated into the city as much as possible. Mixed with the tall buildings and luxury properties, parks and green spaces are popular locations for residents and tourists on warm, sunny days. 

Sydney has a relatively temperate climate that is categorized as humid and subtropical. Summers are warm and sometimes hot, and winters are generally cool. Weather patterns over the ocean can affect what kind of year Sydney will experience when it comes to the volatility of its weather, but most of the year presents moderate weather that can be enjoyed. 

There are several main regions in Sydney, including the downtown proper and various suburbs. While each one of these areas has its own unique style, there are shopping, dining and hotel options in nearly every location throughout the city. 

One of the most recognizable landmarks is the Sydney Opera House, but the city provides many other tourist attractions to consider. Centennial Park is popular with visitors and residents, and those who live in Sydney can always find a location that offers them plenty to do mixed with the beauty of nature. 

North Sydney has the majority of luxury properties, although there are high-end options in nearly every location throughout the city and its suburbs. 

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