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Williamsburg, Virginia, has a population of just over 15,000 people. The city is located on the Virginia Peninsula, in the northern end of the Hampton Roads area. 

Many people associate Williamsburg with the American South, but the area's residents have a unique accent that differs from what would typically be expected in Southern regions. Called a Tidewater accent, its most notable feature is the longer pronunciation of vowel sounds. 

York County borders Williamsburg on the east, with James City County bordering it on the west and south. The city's historic district, Colonial Williamsburg, is an extremely popular tourist destination. 

Williamsburg is located in the corridor of 1-64, just 45 miles to the southeast of Richmond. That makes the city easy to get to and helps bring in tourists from the surrounding areas. 

The area has mild to cool winters and summers that are hot and humid. The inland location of Williamsburg means that it gets warmer spring days and cooler winter days than Norfolk, which is only 37 miles away and also a popular destination. 

The tourist spots and historical points of interest are what Williamsburg is most known for by visitors to the area. Colonial Williamsburg is a living museum, full of rich history and information about the past. 

The culture and lifestyle of the colonial period can still be seen there, along with numerous points of interest. Residents and visitors to the city can explore Bruton Parish Church, the Governor's Palace and the Peyton Randolph House, among other locations. 

Because Williamsburg has such a high volume of tourists, many companies have moved into the area around the city and established a presence there. Anheuser-Busch is one of those companies, and it operates a brewery just outside the city. 

Shopping in and around the Williamsburg area is another popular pastime and is easy to do with the large number of retail and outlet stores available. 

Williamsburg Premium Outlets offers 135 stores to choose from and was renovated in 2008. Williamsburg Pottery Factory also has an onsite store, but is located six miles north in Lightfoot, Virginia.  

Throughout the city there are many other highlights, including The Williamsburg Winery, Williamsburg Botanical Garden and the Virginia Musical Museum. There are two major theme parks located in the city, along with a go-kart park and miniature golf courses. 

No matter what kinds of interests a resident or visitor has, there is something in Williamsburg for them to enjoy. Williamsburg is also a very walkable city, making it easy for residents to enjoy the nice weather and spend time outdoors throughout much of the year. 

There are also luxury properties in and around the city, and owners can experience the best that history has to offer, along with all the modern amenities the city provides. Anyone looking for luxury properties can find options sprinkled throughout the city and its surrounding area. 

Downtown Williamsburg offers options for luxury properties, while areas further toward the outskirts of the city have properties that include larger areas of land. Anyone looking for a luxury property in the area can find single-story and multi-story options to choose from. 

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