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For anyone looking for a luxury property in a small town with a cozy feel and a quality community, Landrum, South Carolina, may be exactly what they are searching for. Located in Spartanburg County, Landrum has a population of just under 2,400 people, and was founded in 1880 and incorporated in 1883. 

Settlers from Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania originally came to the Landrum area, and it officially became a city in 1973 after being originally incorporated as a town. 

By way of being right on the border between South Carolina and North Carolina, Landrum is close to several larger cities, including Asheville, North Carolina, and Spartanburg, South Carolina.  

South Carolina Highway 14 and U.S. Route 176 intersect in Landrum, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to live in a small town but have quick, convenient access to other areas with larger populations. 

There are public and private schools in Landrum, along with a lending library that is part of the Spartanburg County Public Library system. 

Among the best things about the Landrum area is the natural beauty of the location. The city is nestled in a lush part of the state, with the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are scenic vistas in every direction, and the small size of the city makes it easy to get around and explore.  

Landrum also has plenty to do, including drives along scenic routes and strolls through specialty stores and antique shops. 

Quaint eateries are other great place to spend time in Landrum, where residents and visitors can enjoy a quality, homecooked meal that adds to the nostalgia and community of the small town's slower pace of life. 

The business climate of Landrum is extremely strong, especially for a small city. Some of that comes from the booming nature of retail sales in the area, coupled with tourism options nearby. 

Additionally, Landrum is a good location for business due to the large size of the workforce in the area. There are 175,000 people in the workforce in just a 20-mile radius. 

Beautiful scenery, along with historic sites and attractions, makes the Landrum, South Carolina area an excellent choice for tourists to explore and residents to appreciate. 

Community get-togethers, medical and legal services, neighborhood events and many other options are all part of life in Landrum, as well as the surrounding area. Residents can travel into a larger nearby city for additional services, and the scenic drives around the Landrum area are a big part of the enjoyment for residents and visitors alike. 

Luxury properties are available in and around the Landrum area, and many people who are looking for luxury real estate want the quiet peace that comes with a small city. Many more amenities are nearby, so anyone who wants to explore more shopping and dining will not need to travel far. 

Residents can wake up to stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, heavily forested areas full of large trees and the opportunity to have acreage and space without the hustle and bustle of a big city. A day trip to Asheville or Spartanburg is easy and convenient, and residents of Landrum can return home to the peaceful surroundings of their luxury property. 

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