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The city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is often called Philly by both those who live there and tourists who come to the great city to see all that it has to offer. The term is an affectionate one, expressing their love for a city that feels cozy and like home even with a large population and sprawling footprint. 

As the sixth largest city in the United States and the largest city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is a haven for anyone interested in culture and history. Along with options for dining, shopping and healthcare, the city has plenty of sights and attractions to see and be enjoyed throughout the year. 

Many tourists flock to the Philadelphia area every year to explore historical sites from the beginnings of the country. History buffs can take tours, walking among the preserved, historic buildings or visiting the Liberty Bell. 

The population of Philadelphia is over 1.6 million. What started out as a small colony has grown into a large city that has everything a resident can want and more, including many luxury real estate options for those who are moving to the area. 

Philadelphia was part of a city planning project that laid out streets in a grid pattern, running between and parallel with the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers. The layout was expected to make traveling around the city easier and allowed residents to get to the main neighborhoods and public parks more conveniently. 

There are five large, public parks within the city limits, and the main neighborhoods are large blocks of land that are further divided into more specific areas. More than 183,000 residents live right in the city center, where they often purchase condos in high rises.  

The architecture of Philadelphia can be breathtaking and is especially popular with history buffs who are interested in the look and feel of colonial times. There are a wide range of building styles to be found in the city, from historic colonial structures to metal-and-glass high rises coexisting. 

Row houses were very common throughout the city's history and many of them still exist today as renovated properties with luxurious upgrades. 

Weather-wise, Philadelphia summers are hot and humid, winters are moderately cold with some snowfall, and spring and fall are typically mild. 

The neighborhoods of North Philadelphia and Center City West are excellent choices for anyone searching for a luxury Philadelphia property. Residents of high-end real estate can wake up to views of tall buildings and the bustle of the city or choose location that is closer to a more suburban experience. 

No matter what area of the city, luxurious, quality options for Philadelphia real estate are available with the amenities and proximity to entertainment, shopping and dining that are desired by property owners. 

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