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A unique history defines idyllic Parkville, which has been a landing, a village, a town, and a city. It grew largely due to its role as a major Missouri riverboat destination and crossroads for hemp and tobacco markets in the mid-1800s when it proclaimed itself to be the "ideal gateway to the west." Its namesake, George S. Park, was the guiding hand behind the city, having established the major land deals that made the former steamboat landing site what it is today. Just five miles north of Kansas City, Parkville's present-day Main Street still demonstrates early American architecture's classic, simple boldness with its functional and homey style. Even at a national level, people marvel at the priceless main-street character most perfectly encapsulated in downtown Parkville. 

With its light population density and charming hometown appeal, many consider Parkville to be an ideal balance of the elements most suitable for luxury communities. The spacious, wooded riverside has countless scenic hiking and horse-riding trails, and there is an abundance of large lakefront properties where some of the wealthiest in the state enjoy endless peace and quiet. Ranch-style estates naturally blend into the surroundings, with golf courses and country club leisure never too far away. Those seeking to lead a luxury lifestyle while experiencing profound levels of quiet could not find a more quintessential environment than Parkville. 

The region's many nature preserves, like the Parkville Nature Sanctuary, take nature lovers on a breathtaking journey along winding streamside paths under a canopy of thick forest cover. It exemplifies the calm, natural peace of the city in general. The serenity of its surroundings shows in the warmth and joy that characterize the members of the Parkville community, who never seem to forget the innate fortune of their idyllic riverside hometown. 

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