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Bowling Green, Kentucky, is the county seat of Warren County and has a population of nearly 73,000 people. A number of companies and manufacturers call it home, and it has been the location where Chevrolet Corvettes are made since 1981. 

The National Corvette Museum and Western Kentucky University are both located in Bowling Green, but there is much more to the town and its metropolitan area than just cars and studying. Residents and visitors who come to the area find a location full of natural beauty, dining options, shopping opportunities and plenty of entertainment. 

Bowling Green has hot summers and cold winters, with highs in the summer frequently rising above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and winter highs staying below freezing several days of the year. 

Even though many manufacturers make the area their home and heavy industry is common, the city is starting to see a shift toward technology and a knowledge-based economy that is propelling Bowling Green forward. The University and a technical college make the city a hub of education for the western Kentucky area, and it is also a leading commercial and medical center. 

Industries of all types have shown interest in moving their headquarters to Bowling Green, or at least establishing a presence there through setting up a satellite office or another manufacturing plant. The area will likely continue to grow and become a more balanced mix of heavy industry and technology-based companies. 

The city is considered one of the best small cities for business because of its growth and diversity, and it continues to attract new companies and new talent to the area. The high income and strong job growth in Bowling Green make it a great place to find luxury properties, and residents coming to the area will have many options to choose from. 

Other great reasons to come to Bowling Green include all the arts and culture the city has to offer, as well as the sports venues around the area. In addition to the Corvette Museum, the city is home to the Kentucky Museum and Library, the Historic Railpark and Train Museum and Riverview at Hobson Grove, a historic house museum. 

The E.A. Diddle Arena is located on the university campus and can seat 7,500 for sporting events. It frequently hosts volleyball and basketball tournaments. Hockey is also popular in the area, and baseball at the local level is starting to gain more of a foothold. 

Traveling circuses and rodeos come through Bowling Green on a regular basis, often also hosted at the arena or other event centers throughout the area, giving residents some unique entertainment options. 

Residents of Bowling Green wake up to natural beauty and the greenery all around them, gently rolling hills and landscapes, and a comfortable pace of life that they can enjoy for the long term. There are numerous luxury properties in and around the city, many of which are located on larger plots of land. 

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