Luxury Homes and Properties For Sale in Eagle, Idaho, United States

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Set in the Boise foothills, Eagle, Idaho is a picturesque suburb famous for Riverside Eagle Island State Park which has a swimming beach, hiking trail and a zipline course. This family-oriented, friendly and warm community is home to at least 30,000 people. Not only is the community inviting, but the city is also filled with gorgeous architectural buildings, making it ideal for luxury properties. 

If you like a quiet town with fewer activities happening around, then Eagle is where you belong. You can enjoy your mornings with the sounds of birds chirping in the air, children laughing from a distance, and, depending on the location of your luxury home, you can be graced with the swishing sounds of the River Boise. Apart from the popular and beautiful State Park, you can enjoy other scenery, like having a winery experience. The foothills has a spot called the 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards, where you can experience the art of wine production. In addition, there is a tasting room open from Wednesday to Sunday with a beautiful deck. Finally, for golfers, the city has a top-rated golf course, Banbury Golf Course. It has been carefully interwoven into the natural habitat by integrating plenty of out-of-bound areas and water hazards. Notably, the renowned architect John Harbottle III designed the layout.  

Eagle has been in demand, especially for luxury homes. The overall demeanor of the area is quiet and calm, making it ideal for homeowners who want to live away from a city-like environment. Enjoy the best by choosing luxury homes in Eagle, where houses have majestic entrances, homesites with lakes, and custom homes with the latest amenities and architecture. 

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