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Kailua, Hawaii, is located in Honolulu County in Kailua Bay on the island of O'ahu, with a population of just over 40,000 people. The city is named for the two currents which run through the bay. 

Along Kailua Road there is a central commercial district, where residents and visitors can find shops, dining and entertainment options. The rest of Kailua is primarily residential properties, as many of the residents travel to other areas for amenities so there is no need for a large or sprawling commercial area. 

Kailua Beach Park, Maunawili Falls and Lanikai Beach are all located in Kailua, Hawaii, and provide both residents and tourists with opportunities to see and enjoy the natural beauty of the location with ease. 

Visiting Kailua Beach is a popular pastime nearly any time of year, as Hawaii does not have harsh winters or overly chilly weather. The beach is in the shape of a crescent and approximately 2.5 miles wide. 

The sand itself ranges from 50 to 150 feet wide. The ocean bottom slopes gently away from the beach, making it a great location for people who like to surf or bodysurf. 

Trade winds are steady at Kailua Beach, which also means it is a good location for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Stand-up paddleboarding and sea kayaking have also become more popular with residents and visitors, as it is possible to make their way over to see Flat Island and other protected sanctuaries for seabirds. 

The climate of Kailua, Hawaii, is considered to be tropical savanna, meaning a tropical climate in which some months are very wet and some months are very dry. The summer months are relatively dry in the city and surrounding area, with less than three inches of rain per month. 

Kailua is an extremely popular tourist destination, primarily for those who have already visited Waikiki and want to experience something different or to avoid the overcrowding that often takes place there during the height of tourist season. 

With the popularity of the area for visitors there are many places to eat and shop in the city and surrounding area. This gives residents a lot of options during the peak season and also in the off-season when it is quieter but still comfortable to be outdoors and explore. 

Residents of Kailua, Hawaii, can enjoy some of the best views, island life and opportunities to have a luxury home in the city or out in the surrounding countryside. There is natural beauty all over the island, from the beach and ocean views to the lush, green areas nearby. 

Properties in Kailua that are the most desirable are often along the beach or have views of the water. Anyone searching for a luxury home in a mostly residential setting that still offers plenty of amenities and a great view will want to consider Kailua, Hawaii. 

From elegant palm trees, lush vegetation and the beauty of the mountains, Kailua, Hawaii, offers something for everyone. 

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