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Savannah, Georgia, is a city with a rich and varied history along with a vibrant present and bright future. The county seat of Chatham County and the oldest city in the state of Georgia, Savannah was established in 1733.  

The city is nestled up against the Savannah River, and offers parks, green spaces, historic buildings and cobblestone streets. There are more than 147,000 people who call Savannah home, and even more in the expanded metropolitan area.  

In the past, Savannah was important for the American Revolution and the American Civil War as a strategic port for shipping goods. The Savannah of today is still important as an Atlantic seaport and highly valued as a strong center of industry for the state.  

Every year, millions of people flock to Savannah for the culture and history the city offers. Many visitors return again and again to explore the museums and history sites and to experience the fine dining and shopping options.  

The warmth of a Savannah summer invites walking in the shade and sipping sweet tea on the porch, while winters are generally much milder than what a significant portion of the United States experiences. That can encourage retired and self-employed "snowbirds" to come south for the winter months and have a second home in Savannah where they can escape the snow and ice.  

The Savannah Historic District is located downtown with 22 acres of beautiful old buildings in a parklike setting. The Savannah Victorian Historic District is also located downtown, and history buffs from all over the country and the world can easily walk between numerous attractions to feed their interest.  

There are plenty of antique and eclectic shops in the downtown Savannah area as well as dining opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy. The performing arts scene is strong in Savannah, and growing at a rapid pace, with numerous cultural events being offered in the city throughout the year.  

With the Atlantic seaport and Savannah River so close to the city, there are excellent opportunities for residents and visitors who enjoy water-based activities. Swimming, boating and fishing are easy to find in the area, and many residents choose to keep a boat docked for their enjoyment.  

The Savannah Ballet Theatre, The Coastal Jazz Association and The Savannah Book Festival are just a small sampling of all the options for culture and learning experiences the city has to offer.  

The architecture and history of Savannah are recognized on an international scale. The city also has a strong reputation for Southern hospitality and charm that has made its way beyond U.S. borders.  

Southern live oak trees flourish throughout the Savannah area and having access to coastal areas makes Savannah a popular destination for travel. From the beauty of the trees to the enjoyment of the water, there is always something to do throughout the Savannah area.  

Owners of luxury homes in the Savannah area can expect to have water views, large shade trees and a feeling of privacy and seclusion where they can enjoy the peaceful tranquility of a Southern summer day.  

From apartments and townhomes in the heart of the city to multi-acre estates on the outskirts of Savannah, there are numerous options and opportunities. 

Neighborhoods in Savannah with luxury properties include Beach Institute and the Historic District. Living in the Historic District provides old-world charm and a unique feel with everything nearby, while the Beach Institute neighborhood is more focused on the beauty of the waterfront location.  

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