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Naples is a coastal city situated on the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida. It is known for its expensive shopping opportunities and beautiful golf courses. The symbol of the city is the Naples Pier, and it is a popular location for people who love to go fishing and dolphin watching. Naples is also home to a busy luxury real estate market. 

Naples has a population of approximately 20,000 people within the city borders, with thousands of people living outside of the borders of the city. The population density is approximately 1,550 people per square mile, and the elevation is three feet above sea level.  

The Naples Pier is the biggest attraction in the city, and it is a symbol of the area. It was first built in 1888, but it has been renovated several times since that date. There are lots of shopping opportunities around the pier, and this is a great location to grab a bite to eat. People come from all over the world to go fishing off the pier, and lots of dolphins tend to lurk in the local area. 

The Naples Botanical Garden is also a popular location to explore. The garden itself has been broken up into different areas, with each region representing tropical plants from a different location. There are lots of paths and waterways available. This is a great location for anyone who loves nature, and it is a place people can return to again and again. 

Naples is a fun location for car lovers. It is home to the Revs Institute, which is a specialty museum that has classic cars dating from the early 20th century all the way through the 1970s. The cars they have on display rotate from time to time, so people who want to learn more about cars may want to return for multiple visits.  

Naples is also known for its beautiful sandy beaches. Lowdermilk Beach is one of the best locations for people to lay down in the sand and relax. There are large, towering houses that overlook the beach, and the water is always blue. It is also harder to get to than some of the other beaches, so this is a fantastic location for families with children who might need more space to spread out. 

The Caribbean Gardens area is home to Naples Zoo. The zoo itself has been built on a former estate. Now, it has been renovated to serve as a home to countless animals. There are special events that take place at the zoo from time to time, and the zoo has rotating exhibits. People can come back to visit different animals at various times. 

Even though Naples has a great public school system, highlighted by Naples High School, Naples is also home to several strong private schools as well. Some of the strongest private schools in the area include the Mason Classical Academy and the Gulf Coast Charter Academy South.  

Maples has a strong luxury real estate market, and there are lots of neighborhoods from which to choose. Buyers looking for easy access to the coast might be interested in properties in the Aqualane Shores area. There are historic brownstone properties available in areas such as Old Naples and the urban estates. Vanderbilt Beach is a terrific location for families with children because there are large properties with spacious yards on the market. 

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