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Colorado Springs, Colorado is located in the Eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It has an elevation of approximately 6000 feet, and it sits very close to Pikes Peak. This is a major landmark of the Pike National Forest. The area is also home to the Garden of the Gods, which features unparalleled views. The city is a popular location among people who love the outdoors, which drives the real estate market in the area. 

Colorado Springs, Colorado has a population of approximately 460,000 people. It is served by several major roads, including US Route 24 and Interstate 25. Fort Carson and Manitou Springs also sit on the outskirts of Colorado Springs. 

Without a doubt, the biggest attraction in Colorado Springs, Colorado is the Garden of the Gods. This is an amazing series of rock formations that evoke religious imagery, thus the name of the valley. The bright red peaks poke up from the green hills, which turn white with snow during the winter. When the sun is out, the red peaks glisten in the sun, creating a gorgeous photo opportunity. 

Colorado Springs is also home to Pike’s Peak, one of the tallest mountains in the Rocky Mountain chain. It is a popular mountain for hiking and climbing, and there are tours that go up the mountain as well. There are plenty of hiking paths throughout the region, which are appropriate for people of a variety of skill levels. 

The area is also home to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. This is a high-altitude zoo that provides people with an opportunity to learn more about animals that they might not see anywhere else. There are educational shows and lectures that take place throughout the year, and there are giraffes that get fed during several shows during the day. 

Colorado Springs is home to the United States Air Force Academy. This is where the next generation of US pilots are trained, including both fighter pilots and bomber pilots. Certain portions of the academy are open to the public and there are tours available for some parts of the academy.  

There is a tremendous amount of history in the area as well, as Colorado Springs is the home of the National Museum of World War II. This is an opportunity for people to learn about the biggest war in history, which took place from 1939 to 1945. There are exhibits that pay homage to all companions, and many of the exhibits change from time to time. 

Colorado Springs has a very strong school system. Some of the top high schools in the area include Lewis-Palmer high school, Palmer Ridge High School, and The Classical Academy High School. There are several strong private schools in the area as well, including the University School, Colorado Springs Christian High School, and the Evangelical Christian Academy. The Air Force Academy is also located in Colorado Springs.  

Colorado Springs has a thriving luxury real estate market. Many families love to live in Northgate and Briargate because these neighborhoods provide more room for them to spread out. Their children have more room to play. Northeast Colorado Springs provides easy access to the biggest roads, making it easier for families to get in and out of the city quickly. West Colorado Springs is a great neighborhood for people who want to live close to some of the best shopping and dining opportunities in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

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