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Boulder, Colorado, is a beautiful city situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the western region of the United States. There are beautiful trails spreading out to the west of the city, leading people through some gorgeous rock formations. The downtown area is also home to numerous art galleries and cafes. Because of everything the area has to offer, Boulder is also home to a thriving luxury real estate market. 

Boulder has a population of approximately 100,000 people living at an elevation of approximately 5,300 feet or 1,600 meters. There are a few major roads passing through Boulder, with the biggest one being Colorado Route 7.  

While Boulder is home to numerous attractions, the natural scenery is what many people come to the area to experience. One of the best sites to explore is the Flatiron Mountains, referred to locally as the Flatirons, which are situated west of the city. This is an iconic mountain that has five separate and distinct flat peaks. There are many people who love to hike to the top of the mountains to get a beautiful view of the surrounding area, including the downtown region. 

Boulder is also home to Eldorado Canyon State Park. This is a gorgeous place to go hiking and rock climbing, particularly given the beauty of the Sandstone Cliffs. There are hiking and rock-climbing paths available for people of all skill levels, but there are also professional companies that will give tours to both residents and visitors. 

Flagstaff Mountain is another popular outdoor attraction. There are plenty of hiking opportunities, with trails varying widely in terms of their difficulty. This is a great opportunity for people to experience some of the unique scenery Boulder has to offer.  

Pearl Street Mall is a great place for people who want to go shopping. There are plenty of local antique and boutique stores that sell unique goods, and some of the best restaurants in the city are located in this part of the city as well. Many of the shops and restaurants have specials from time to time, particularly as the seasons change. 

The Boulder Farmers Market is also one of the best locations for fresh produce. Colorado has a wide variety of farms, and many of the farmers come to the market to sell their fruits and vegetables. Anyone who is interested in farm-to-table dining should take a look at what is available at the local Boulder farmers' market. 

The state of Colorado has a very strong school system, including in Boulder. Some of the top high schools in the area include Olde Columbine High School, Arapahoe Ridge High School and New Vista High School. There are also several private and charter schools in the area, including Justice High Charter School and Boulder Prep Charter High School. Boulder is also home to the University of Colorado at Boulder, one of the strongest universities in the state. 

Boulder is also home to a thriving luxury real estate market. People who want to live close to the shops and restaurants should take a look at properties available in the downtown region. The Chautauqua and Palo Park neighborhoods of Boulder are also great places for people who want to live as close as possible to some of the gorgeous outdoor scenery in the area. North Boulder is a great neighborhood for families with children because there is more space. 

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