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West Hollywood, California, has a nightlife that far exceeds its geographic presence. It is adjacent to the larger city of Los Angeles, and there is a significant cultural presence that emanates from the town. For all these reasons, West Hollywood, California, also had a thriving luxury real estate market. 

West Hollywood, California, has a population of approximately 35,000 people. The town is also near U.S. Highway 101, Interstate 405, and Interstate 10. Los Angeles International Airport, usually abbreviated to LAX, is the closest major airport to West Hollywood.  

There are many fun things to do in West Hollywood. One of the most popular activities is to go for a walk down Sunset Boulevard, which is also known as the Sunset Strip. This is a legendary road that is known for its amazing nightlife and its beautiful landmarks. There are also some delicious restaurants that can be found there. 

Those who enjoy music will want to stop by the Troubadour. This is an iconic destination that is known for cutting-edge rock, holding numerous concerts throughout the year. The Roxy Theater is another fun location to catch a show, where popular comedians and bands that perform. 

Another entertainment option in West Hollywood is the famous Comedy Store. This is a popular club known for its stand-up comedy acts. Some of the most popular stand-up comedians in the world have visited the Comedy Store to perform.  

There is a tremendous amount of history in West Hollywood, and much of it can be seen at the Schindler House. This is a unique house that is known for its artistic presence, communal kitchens and sleeping baskets on the roof. It is currently home to the MAK Center, which hosts experimental fashion shows, but it is possible for people to take a tour. 

Even though the local public school system is strong, there are plenty of outstanding private schools in the area as well. Some of the most popular examples include West Hollywood College Prep, the TREE Academy and Gindi Maimonides Academy.  

As far as luxury properties go, those who want to be close to the action might be interested in living on Melrose Avenue or in the Sunset Strip area. 

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