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Located in the southwestern part of Los Angeles County, Manhattan Beach, California, sits right on the Pacific coast just to the south of El Segundo and north of Hermosa Beach. Noted for its long beach stretch that spans over 2.1 miles, many who buy homes here do so for the direct access to the waterfront. 

Overall, this is a moderately sized city of about 35,000 people, but its location attracts visitors on a consistent basis. Also notable is that it is one of three beach cities in the area along the waterfront, with the others being Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach.  

Many people choose to live in Manhattan Beach because of its weather, which has average highs of 69 degrees Fahrenheit and average lows of 56 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. This, along with its location right on the waterfront, makes it an affluent community with exceptional amenities and beautiful homes.  

While many enjoy a high quality of life here, the area is also full of natural beauty, including various parks such as Manhattan Heights Park with the Manhattan Heights Community Center and Village Park and Field, a popular location for sporting events. Bruce’s Beach, a three-acre park with the best ocean and sunset views, is a favorite for those looking for a simple, green area to relax in.  

Plenty of amenities exist for those who want to get fit and have some fun, including several tennis courts, pickleball courts and paddleball courts. Begg Pool is a large pool with numerous swimming programs available, including options for lap swimming, youth swim teams, water aerobics fitness and an adult swim club.  

Downtown Manhattan Beach has beach volleyball courts, upscale boutiques and oceanfront dining. A walk along this area provides residents with direct access to the waterfront, including the surfing that the area is known for having.  

Located just 10 miles from SoFi Stadium, the downtown area is also home to numerous events, including a Tuesday Farmers Market that brings in 50 food vendors, the Chevron Grand Prix, the 6-Man and Surf Festival and the Sunset Beach Party. 

Manhattan Village is a newer area of shops and dining located in the city, which aims to blend outdoor living and recreation with national brands, premier shopping and exclusive dining. Developed to become a place to shop, eat and socialize, it is just a few blocks from Downtown Manhattan Beach and the waterfront.  

North Manhattan Beach is just a few minutes to the north of the city and offers are more laid-back and surf-friendly community where there are fewer tourists. Those who live here benefit from direct access to the waterfront, sometimes right from their homes, along with walkable streets, coffee shops and lots of cafes and pubs. 

Several neighborhoods divide Manhattan Beach, including El Porto, noted for its high-end waterfront homes with beach access and modern properties. Some of the properties in this area are newly built or have been remodeled by today’s most elite designers and noted architects.  

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