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Malibu, California, gets its fame from its gorgeous white sandy beaches, its famous laidback lifestyle, and the incredible residences perched along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).  

To its legions of yearly tourists, Malibu is as exclusive as it is warm and inviting. What is it like to live under the famous sunny skies of Malibu, California? 

As a town, Malibu is a rather thin strip of land that runs for twenty miles along the PCH, just north of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Venice. Residents are never far from the water when they have a Malibu address.  

They might have a home on the ocean side with stilts under it, or they might live in a home cradled within one of Malibu's winding canyon roads to the east. Malibu is home to more architectural masterpieces than just about anywhere else in the nation. Its houses are as stunning as its people are warm and sunny. 

Finding a place to relax in front of the Pacific is a time-honored tradition for residents and visitors alike. Zuma Beach is one of the most-visited stretches of sand in the region, and it is a perfect sandy playground for families and beach parties.  

However, the locals won't visit Zuma when the summer crowds come out to play. Instead, they head to lesser-known beaches like Big Dume Beach, just to the south of Zuma. 

Homeowners on Point Dume get access to the beach via a path. For visitors, the only way to reach this beach is via a rickety staircase. Scoring a place to park requires nothing short of a miracle. But the effort required to reach the beach is truly worth it. The water and the view are glorious. 

When they’re not gazing at the beautiful Pacific, Malibu residents routinely lace up their hiking shoes and head into the trails that weave their way through the canyons. Solstice Canyon offers a few beautiful routes. Escondido Falls is another beautiful trail. The waterfall is best viewed after it rains. 

One of the most surprising things about the homes in Malibu is that they run the gamut from legitimate masterpieces designed by world-famous architects to luxury mobile homes cradled by palm trees and bougainvillea. Yes, Malibu has luxury mobile homes with a view of the Pacific, and they are incredible. 

Architects have built some of the most magnificent homes in California on the beaches of Malibu, and there is even a stretch of sand known as "Billionaire's Beach" because of the absurd density of billionaires in the area. 

However, part of the charm of Malibu is that its residents truly love the sunny, laidback feel of living in a small California beach town. Los Angeles County, the home of Malibu, is bursting with almost 10 million residents, but the pace of life in Malibu never reaches a fever pitch. 

Longtime residents wear flip-flops and straw hats, and they take their leisure time seriously. The art of the Malibu beach bum is a time-honored tradition despite those same "beach bums" frequently visiting world-class dining establishments like Nobu and Moonshadows. 

Malibu offers its residents fantastic luxury homes, but it does so in a manner that only Southern California could accomplish. "The bu" will welcome any adventurous spirit to its famous surf breaks and also offer the peace of a cozy beach town. 

From the unparalleled homes of Point Dume in central Malibu to the winding and adventurous canyons on the “landside” of PCH, every home in Malibu is a tribute to a luxurious yet laidback lifestyle. Find your own little slice of heaven in East Malibu in a home right on the beach, with nothing but the Pacific Ocean outside your windows. 

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