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Küsnacht is located on the northeast bank of Lake Zurich in Zurich, Switzerland. Just under 15,000 people call the area home, with nearly 20 percent of that population being comprised of foreign nationals. 

The population of the area is growing and has risen more than 6.5 percent over the last decade. German is commonly spoken in the area, with English and Italian also being popular languages. 

Four railway stations are located in the Küsnacht municipality. The summer also offers regular boats that travel to Zurich and Rapperswil, giving residents and visitors to the area the opportunity to explore more easily. 

Lake Zurich is a popular destination for people who live in or visit Küsnacht, Zurich, Switzerland. Additionally, other popular sites in the area include the ruins of Wulp Castle, the C.G. Jung Institute and the Küsnacht Horn Park. 

As one of the wealthiest areas in Switzerland, Küsnacht offers both lake and mountain views to residents and visitors. Since the area is just 12 minutes away from Zurich by rail, it allows residents to have a smaller community feel and still be close to big city amenities.  

The area is a highly preferred residential location for anyone who wants to enjoy the comfortable weather, proximity to Zurich and beautiful surroundings.  

As the community continues to grow there will be additional opportunities for great restaurants, small shops, coffee in a quiet café and entertainment experiences. 

With a much slower pace of life than Zurich, Küsnacht is an affluent suburb offering large estates with attractive gardens. Residents who want to be close to it all but just a bit outside the larger city area may find that the Küsnacht area is a perfect compromise for them and their needs. 

Surveys into the needs and wants of residents have also shown that Küsnacht has a very high quality of life, allowing residents to thoroughly enjoy their time. The private estates and easy lake access are two of the biggest reasons that residents love living in the area, and these perks are often what keeps visitors returning as well.  

Waking up to views of the lake can be a great way for residents to start their day surrounded by natural beauty and a lush landscape with plenty of flowers and greenery. The high level of rain in the region makes it easy to grow beautiful plants during the warmer summer months and enjoy them throughout most of the year. 

For residents who are considering moving to the Zurich area, Küsnacht, Switzerland, offers them the best of both worlds and a luxury real estate option they can appreciate for years to come. With all the opportunities for things to see and do just a short ride away by rail, there is nothing that Küsnacht residents cannot easily access when they want to explore the bigger city. 

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