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Valencia is the capital of Valencian Community, Spain. As the third-most highly populated municipality in the country, it boasts nearly 790,000 residents. 

By including the urban area surrounding Valencia, the number of residents who call the area home quickly expands to 1.6 million. Valencia is located on the European side of the Mediterranean Sea and comprises one of the major urban locations in the region. 

Both construction and tourism have spurred economic growth throughout Valencia in recent decades. Transport and telecommunications have been the biggest areas for development, with a service-oriented economy in the city. 

Nearly 84 percent of everyone employed in Valencia works in the service industry. There is also a significant industrial base in the city, employing another eight percent of the population. 

Automobile assembly and other manufacturing jobs are growing in the Valencia area, and agriculture is still a part of the area's economy as well. Citrus groves and orchards are the most popular agricultural opportunities. 

Valencia has the largest seaport on the western coast of the Mediterranean and handles 20 percent of the country's exports. Beverages and foodstuffs are the main products exported. 

Within the city of Valencia there is a bicycle sharing system and a significant level of well-maintained public transport. This makes it easy for residents and visitors to get around in the city for shopping, dining and sightseeing. 

High-speed trains, a nearby airport, and other transit options mean the city is one that is very easy to navigate, and to get to and from. Most people use public transit to go to and from work and to go out and about in the city. 

Tourism in Valencia grew rapidly beginning in the 1990s, when the manufacturing sector was overshadowed by visitors coming to see what the city and the Valencian Community had to offer. The possibilities for culture and tourism in Valencia were expanded, and a number of local landmarks were restored to bring in even more tourists. 

The Sant Miquel dels Reis monastery and the ancient towers of the medieval city were both restored to their former glory. The monastery now houses a conservation library. 

The Carmen Quarter and other sections of the old city have undergone extensive renovations, making them popular with visitors and residents. There is also a promenade along the beaches on the port's north side. 

Nightlife in the city of Valencia is diverse, with bars and nightclubs open well past midnight in multiple locations. Dance clubs are also a popular destination for visitors and residents who want to enjoy the vibrancy of the city after hours. 

Owners of luxury properties in the Valencia area have many options to choose from when it comes to quality neighborhoods. Ciutat Vella and Eixample are both popular locations because they are at the heart of nearly everything. 

With impressive public transit options, along with shopping and dining opportunities, both neighborhoods are excellent choices for both luxury and convenience. There are a number of quality homes to choose from, with different architectural styles to meet nearly anyone's taste and style. 

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