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As one of the three capitals of South Africa, Cape Town is located in the Western Cape region. The city is the seat of the Parliament of South Africa, and the legislative capital of the country. 

Cape Town is full of big-city amenities, nestled into a rich natural region of the country. The city is the oldest in South Africa and the second largest after Johannesburg. 

The natural setting in the Cape Floristic Region is one of the reasons the city of Cape Town stands out as a popular location and tourist destination. Other points of interest include the harbor, Cape Point and Table Mountain. 

The Western Cape region is diverse and varied, with 66 percent of the population in that region choosing to live in and around Cape Town itself. 

In 2014, both The New York Times and The Daily Telegraph have named Cape Town the best place to visit in the world. Since that time the area has continued to grow, offering even more value for visitors and residents today. 

Cape Town is located on the shore of Table Bay and was originally developed by the Dutch East India Company. Ships that sailed to East Africa, the Far East and India used Cape Town as a supply station before moving on to their destinations. 

Originally called the VOC Cape Colony, it began as South Africa's first permanent European settlement in April 1652. As the area continued to grow, Cape Town quickly outgrew its original purpose and began turning itself into a cultural and economic hub. 

The Western Cape region is very popular as a tourist destination, making Cape Town a great location for visitors and residents alike. Nearly 10 percent of the gross domestic product of the province comes from the 1.5 million visitors that come through the area every year. 

For residents of Cape Town, there is always something to do. From cultural activities and museums to restaurants, plays and shopping opportunities, the city is alive with wonder, excitement, and opportunities to explore. 

A warm climate means it is easy to be outside throughout most of the year, and residents can take advantage of the many parks and green spaces the city offers. The harbor is also popular, as water-based activities are some of the best options for residents and visitors during the hottest parts of the year. 

The geography of the city gives access to several different beaches, all of which have their own atmosphere and setting. The water is generally mild to cold, depending on the specific beach being visited. 

The False Bay coast has the warmest water, while the Atlantic Seaboard experiences cooler water all throughout the year. Both coasts and all the beach options are popular with residents and visitors, with the choice of the day dependent on the desired water temperature and experience. 

Residents of the luxury homes in Cape Town can enjoy everything the city and surrounding area have to offer all throughout the year. Whether they want to live there permanently or just enjoy a vacation home, there is easy access to all the amenities and experiences they could want. 

From the beauty of a luxury high-rise to the peace and security of a large, private estate, Cape Town has a variety of luxury properties that have been designed with quality, comfort and aesthetics in mind. 

Neighborhoods in Sea Point, Camps Bay and Clifton carry some of the most luxurious properties and are popular with retirees and others who are looking for luxury homes. 

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