Luxury Homes And Properties For Sale In Silver Lakes Golf Estate

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Silver Lake Golf and Wildlife Estate provides an exceptional opportunity for individuals to live in a beautiful, upscale community in the heart of Gauteng, South Africa. At the center of the community is a Peter Matkovich-designed golf course, noted for its incredible attention to detail and stunning vistas. 

Silver Lakes Golf Estate is within Gauteng, the center of Pretoria, which is also part of the city of Tshwane, one of the largest cities by land size in the world. With stunning views across Pretoria and very little in the way to obstruct them, this community is noted for its homes with exceptional views ideal for those who are looking for luxury, golf and a close proximity to the city.  

A notable presence in the east of Pretoria, Silver Lake Golf Estate offers an idyllic lifestyle that is only a short drive from the city’s capital, making it an excellent destination for those who wish to commute to work.  

The community is a premier estate designed for those seeking luxury amenities, including numerous clubs such as tennis, squash, birding, fishing, golf and bridge. For those seeking political and business needs, the business forum is another opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals in a club format.  

Another component of the area is a large game reserve, with views of the area’s lakes and tranquil surroundings from every vantage point.  

As the evening sets, the area’s reserve comes to life with the sounds of frogs, birds, and other animals settling in for the evening, including the Cape clawless otter and mongoose. Dense grasslands just outside of the estate make it possible for individuals to feel as though they are a part of a natural setting far removed from busy city life.  

Throughout the area are numerous paved paths perfect for a walk or jog, though they also allow for biking along them. For those who live here, it is quite common to spot animals in their natural habitat. 

Alongside the modern, luxury homes is a retirement village within Silver Lakes Golf Estate, which features 24 attractive, red-brick homes. This area, built over 18 years ago, covers 1.3 hectares of land and features a community center and small office buildings. It was rated as one of the best such villages in Pretoria.  

Those choosing to live in this region enjoy the wealthiest of provinces in South Africa, noted for its numerous open spaces and outstanding access to nature and outdoor attractions. Gauteng is noted for its museums and its cosmopolitan lifestyle that offers everything from international restaurants and shops to local cuisine and authentic artisan items.  

Silver Lakes Golf Estates, located within Gauteng, is the most luxurious region of the province, offering excellent access to the city but a remote and very private place to call home at the same time. 

The community of Silver Lakes Golf Estates features several home styles, including traditional single-family homes, often with luxurious amenities and larger sizes, as well as condos.  

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