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Johannesburg, located in the province of Gauteng, is the biggest city in South Africa. Informally, it is known by Joburg, Jozi, or "The City of Gold."  

There are more than 14 million people living in the city and its metropolitan area. Because Johannesburg is one of the 100 largest urban areas in the entire world, it is classified as a megacity. 

As the provincial capital of Gauteng, and also that province's largest city, Johannesburg is also the seat of South Africa's highest court, the Constitutional Court. Gauteng Province is the wealthiest area of the country, and there are many wealthy residents and luxury properties located in and around Johannesburg. 

One of the best reasons to live in the area is the ability to commute so easily to other locations. A vast infrastructure provides public and private transportation opportunities for commuters heading to and from work, and retirees and wealthy members of society who want to attend events or explore the area. 

Located in the mineral-rich Witwatersrand hill range, the Johannesburg area is popular for its diamond and gold trades. Johannesburg also hosted the final of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and was one of the host cities for the official tournament overall. 

Established in 1886, Johannesburg came into being due to a large gold deposit found in the Witwatersrand hills. A decade after that discovery, the city had grown to 100,000 residents and continued to grow at a rapid rate as more gold, diamonds and other minerals were discovered. 

Residents of modern-day Johannesburg have numerous options for cultural experiences, museums, stage plays, restaurants, shopping and other types of amenities. With the size of the city, it is possible to find nearly any type of experience or adventure within its borders. 

The Gold Reef City amusement park is located in Johannesburg and is built on an old gold mine. It carries on the gold rush theme in its rides and attractions. 

The city also offers museums and cultural experiences centered around railways, costumes, geology, photography and military history. The AECI Dynamite Factory Museum and Adler Museum of Medicine are both located there, as well. 

Musical events and acts such as RAMFest, Man as Machine and ShortStraw take place in Johannesburg, which is also home to the Joburg Theatre complex that hosts ballet, drama and opera. Typically, the city has not been known as a tourist destination and was more commonly seen as a connecting point to areas such as Durban and Cape Town. 

With more people passing through the area, the tourist industry has begun to develop more fully. That is also a benefit to the residents of the city because they are able to enjoy and experience these attractions close to where they live, anytime they want to. 

Rosebank and Birdhaven are popular neighborhoods in Johannesburg, with many luxury properties and real estate opportunities. 

Rosebank offers high-end shopping experiences and a recent revitalization that has increased interest in both commercial and residential properties there. Birdhaven offers more nature in its surroundings, with lush yards and a quieter, more tropical experience. 

The Carlton Centre observation deck on the 50th floor can give residents and visitors alike a great way to see more of the city and everything it has to offer from high in the sky.  

From luxury condominiums and high-rise apartments to single-family homes, mansions and palaces, Johannesburg is a city filled with luxury properties to choose from. New residents to the city can choose from a number of quality neighborhoods, depending on the part of the city that feels like home and the kind of property they want. 

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