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The area surrounding San Miguel De Allende is known for its Baroque architecture, its thriving arts scene, and the numerous festivals that take place throughout the year. The city is situated in the highlands of central Mexico. Because of the cosmopolitan city, people from all over the world are flocking to San Miguel De Allende, contributing to the growth of a strong luxury real estate market. 

The region of San Miguel De Allende has approximately 140,000 people living at an elevation of 1,900 meters or 6,200 feet. The area is served by several major roads, including Highway 1, Highway 111 and Highway 51. 

There are many major attractions in San Miguel De Allende. One of the most popular is the Parish of San Miguel Arcangel. Perched alone it is the focal point of the entire city, as though it is looking over everyone and everything that happens in San Miguel De Allende. The church was built at the end of the 17th  century, but the design was not completed until the end of the 19th century. Its interior features amazing artwork that pays homage to the history of the city. 

The Canada de la Virgen has only been open to the public for a decade, but it is still one of the most important sights in San Miguel de Allende. It is a major archaeological destination that was kept secret from the public. It dates from 500 to 1000 AD and it used to be home to houses, ceremonial spaces, and tombs of people who lived here during ancient times. 

The city of San Miguel De Allende also used to be home to a major textile mill. The mill closed in 1991, and the old mill is now a haven for anyone who loves art. The Fabrica La Aurora is not that far from the center of the city, and the traces of its prior life as a textile mill have been turned into modern works of art. In addition, the area is home to contemporary art stores, furniture stores, jewelry stands, and more. Exceptional restaurants surround the area. 

Perhaps the most beautiful attraction in San Miguel De Allende is El Jardin, the central square. Not that far from the Parish of San Miguel Arcangel, there are numerous historical buildings that ring the city, and the center is a lush garden. In addition to beautifully manicured flowers and trees, El Jardin is also a popular location for live music, dancing and partying during the day and late into the evening. 

San Miguel De Allende is home to some of the top schools in the Guanajuato area. There are both public schools and private schools, with many schools offering classes in both English and Spanish for children of all backgrounds. Some of the top schools include the Academia Hispano Americana, the Victoria Robbins school, and the Escuela Bilingue Jose Vasconcelos. 

San Miguel De Allende has much to offer, which has led to the growth of a strong luxury real estate market. Homes situated very close to the city center called Zona Centro, offers easy access to shopping and dining opportunities. Families with children often like to live further from the center of the city where it is quieter at night. Areas such as El Parque and Caracol are ideal locations. 

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