Luxury Homes And Properties For Sale in Cabo San Lucas

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Cabo San Lucas, well-known as a resort city on the southern tip of Baja California in Mexico, is known for its nightlife, water-based activities, and beautiful beaches. The main beach, Playa El Medano, is a hub of entertainment. Because of all the activity in the area, Cabo San Lucas also has a burgeoning luxury real estate market.  

Cabo San Lucas has a population of approximately 200,000 people living at an elevation of 10 meters or 30 feet. It is served by Highway 19.  

There are a number of major attractions and amenities in Cabo San Lucas. One of the top examples is El Arco de Cabo San Lucas. This is an interesting geologic formation that sits off the coast of the city. The arc is widely considered to be the point where Cabo San Lucas meets the Pacific Ocean. People come from all over the world to check out the unique geologic formations. 

There are also plenty of places to relax in Cabo San Lucas, with one of the most popular locations being Chileno Beach. It was recently restored and features a wide variety of new shops and restaurants. There are also exotic plants that dot the beach. There are plenty of resorts that have opened near this strip. 

Cabo San Lucas has several other major beaches as well, including Playa del Amor. This unique beach is the dividing line between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. The water is always blue, and it is warm throughout the year.  

Cabo San Lucas is also a great location for people who own boats. Marina Cabo San Lucas has more than 2,000 strips that are managed by local professionals. The marina can handle boats of all shapes and sizes, including cutters, sportfish boats and yachts. This is the best location for people to dock their boats when they are not in use. 

There are plenty of other outdoor activities in Cabo San Lucas. Wild Canyon Adventures provides people with an opportunity to explore sandy beaches, climb one of the Towering Mountain roads on the outskirts of the city, or even climb right up the rock cliffs. There are experienced tour guides who will help people explore some of the best sights and sounds of the local area. 

The city is a great place for people who love to go hiking. Mount Solmar is one of the tallest mountains in the area, and it is a protected zone because of the unique plants and animals that live on the mountain. Still, there are opportunities for people to enjoy a bit of hiking. 

The local school system is very strong, and there are exceptional colleges and universities near Cabo San Lucas as well. Cointreau Guluarte Vicente has a variety of challenging courses for people who want to study everything from business to the sciences. In addition, the Cabo San Lucas Campus of the Universidad de Tijuana is not far away either. There are plenty of opportunities for parents to customize their children's education to meet their needs. 

Cabo San Lucas has a variety of luxury real estate properties available. Some of them are located in the heart of the downtown area, which is perfect for those who enjoy the nightlife. Families with children may want to live closer to the edges of the city, with properties available in Pedregal or El Arenal. These neighborhoods are a bit quieter, and the properties have more room to spread out. 

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