Luxury Homes And Properties For Sale In Tamarin

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Situated on the western coast of Mauritius, Tamarin is a small district known for some of the best beaches on the island. As a part of the Riviere Noire District, it is a region that is well known for its tourism-centered lifestyle, with resorts and finer quality amenities throughout, but is also home to numerous luxury homes with exceptional views. 

Tamarin itself is a small village right on the River Noire, which is where Tamarin Beach sits, one of the most popular destinations in the region for its crystal clear waters and fantastic surfing waves. Most notable about the river is the Riviere Noire, or Black River, district, which encompasses the entire western coast of the island.  

Aside from the beaches, Tamarin is noted for its affluent lifestyle and exceptional amenities, though it remains rather remote, private and picturesque.  

The focus is on the waterfront, as Tamarin is noted for its clean beaches and waves. Though much of the island has become tourism-centric and its beaches have become a sought-after destination for travelers, Tamarin remains more secluded and private, affording those who live in the area better access to surfing.  

The M2 freeway gives easy access to Tamarin, and also provides access to the area’s best amenities nearby, including some larger cities along the A3. Though the region is rather remote, it does not take long to explore all of Mauritius from Tamarin, making every weekend an opportunity for a new adventure. 

There are many services to meet the needs of residents, including grocery stores, small shops and restaurants of all types.  

With sailing opportunities, fishing expeditions, snorkeling and mountain climbing all options for things to do in Tamarin, residents of the Riviere Noire District are sure to find exceptional activities that add to their quality of life, which many come here to enjoy. 

When considering the luxury homes in the region, Tamarin offers a variety of options, many of which are spacious, beautiful properties with modern amenities and an interior-exterior connection through large patios and floor-to-ceiling windows. Some have stunning views of the beach itself, perched on one of the rolling hills in the area.  

Many of the houses are within the Tamarin Reserve, a large community boasting stunning homes and exceptional amenities for residents. Most noted for its natural beauty, thanks to the presence of the Domaine de Palmyre, this community is exclusive and private, tucked between a mountain and the waterfront.  

Some people prefer to purchase one of the homes located in the more remote areas of the city and region, with rolling hills as their backdrop. While luxury villas are popular in the Reserve, the range of home choices throughout the rest of the region are spectacular, with many custom-built homes that offer panoramic views of the waterfront and mountains. 

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