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Venice is the capital of the Veneto region of Italy. Venice is known for its intimate network of canals, which is how people get around the city. It is a city with a long, rich history, and it used to be its own republic. Now, it is one of the major business centers of Italy, and this has contributed to a bustling luxury real estate market.  

Venice has a population of approximately 260,000 people. It does not have any major roads, only canals. There are buses that take people from Venice to the mainland, where there are airports and train stations available. Venice itself is situated in a lagoon that is protected from the greater Adriatic Sea. 

The largest landmark in Venice is Saint Mark's Basilica. It is an enormous cathedral that is known for its beautiful golden domes. Inside, there are paintings that date back hundreds of years, all of which are intimately tied to the Catholic church. The basilica has been flooded a few times over the years, but it has been renovated and restored every time. 

Next to Saint Mark's Basilica is Saint Mark's Tower. There is an elevator that takes people to the top, which gives everyone a gorgeous view of the square below. Visitors also have an opportunity to look out over the lagoon, where they can see some of the boats coming into and out of the city. 

In the same square is the Doge’s Palace. When Venice was its own republic, it was ruled by a senate called the Doge. The laws of the city were written in this palace, and there is amazing artwork on display. There are guided tours available for people to learn more about how Venice was ruled hundreds of years ago. In the main room, the top leaders of the Doge have been memorialized with portraits around the edge of the ceiling.  

Venice is also known for its numerous canal-side stalls. Many of them line the Grand Canal, or Canale Grande, which is where some of the best shopping and dining opportunities are located. There are bridges that go over the canal, with the most famous one being the Rialto Bridge. People love to stop on the bridge, take a few pictures and look up and down the canal. 

Venice is also home to the Phoenix Theater, also called the Teatro Fenice. The theater itself has been open for hundreds of years, and there are numerous shows, concerts and plays that take place there. This is a great location for people who love to listen to classical music. 

Venice also has a handful of strong schools. Some of them are located on the mainland, while others are located in Venice itself. Some of the top schools in Venice include the European School of Venice, the Italian School of Venice, Venice International University and the International School of Venice. There are schools available for children who do and do not speak Italian.  

Venice itself is a very compact city. Most of the luxury properties are located relatively close to the Canale Grande. Families need to decide how close they want to be to Saint Mark's Square, as this is where most of the foot traffic is located.  

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