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Sitting on the Elbe River in northern Germany is the city of Hamburg, an important commercial center and the largest port in the country. The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg may be the smallest of the territories in the country at only 292 square miles, but it has the second largest population after Berlin. 

Hamburg is home to 1.8 million people. Noted for its UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the numerous rivers and canals that span the area, along with some 2,500 bridges that pass over them, it is a city that is always busy and has a rich history. 

Hamburg is home to one of the largest European ports, and shipping and trade have been one of the most important aspects of the city's growth and development over the last centuries. This makes up a significant amount of the economic health of the region. 

Hamburg is also rather unique in Germany, as it has maintained much of its medieval independence. The area is still very much self-governed, as one of only two cities in the country that hold onto this ability, the other being Bremen. This key element allows those who live in Hamburg to enjoy a unique culture and less standardization than is found throughout much of Germany today. 

Hamburg is a large, cosmopolitan city and has numerous international consulates – more than any other city around the globe except for New York City. 

In the heart of the city is Old Town, an area that maintains the very foundation of the region's medieval settlement, which has a number of roads that move from one old fortification to the next. This is also where numerous historical buildings are along with a wide range of older warehouses that have yet to be rebuilt.  

Much of the city is home to churches, some dating back hundreds of years and many with beautiful architectural details. Five of them are noted for their history and importance: Sankt Jacobi, Sankt Nikolai, Sankt Petri, Sankt Katharinen and Sankt Michaelis.  

The Lombardsbrucke, or Lombard Bridge, is also an example of stunning architecture which offers some of the best views of the inner city.  

For those visiting or living in Hamburg, there are a number of exceptional experiences to be had, including the Jungfernstieg, the city's primary shopping and finance hub that sits right on Inner Alster Lake. With an incredible view, the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall is a new cultural destination in the heart of the city that hosts numerous concerts throughout the year. 

Yet another hotspot here is Reeperbahn, a vibrant and fun area noted for its live music and party-like atmosphere. Those who visit will find it easy to find a local club, do some dancing and enjoy exceptional food.  

Hamburg is a diverse city with numerous individual neighborhoods. Some of the most notable of these are the affluent communities of Bezirk Altona, Wandsbek, Harburg and Hamburg-Mitte, each with its own distinct personality. Each of these areas boasts high-end properties with significant land – some with ultra-modern design and some historically valuable. 

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