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Those looking for a luxury property in a beautiful location will want to consider Pozos, San Jose, Costa Rica. As a district in Santa Ana canton, Pozos was first founded in 1907. 

There is a tropical climate in Pozos, with a wide variation in rainfall from month to month. The driest month has only around one-quarter of an inch of rain, while the wettest month can have nearly 14 inches of rainfall. 

The temperature in Pozos is much less variable than the rain, with the average temperature in the warmest and coolest months of the year only differing by two to three degrees Fahrenheit. 

The English translation of Pozos is ponds, and there are many of them throughout the area. 

The northern part of the district has a lot of clay terrain, which leads to numerous ponds developing. The clay holds the water in, so the ponds do not drain out and go back into the soil the same way they would if the soil was more porous. 

The city of San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and provides much for residents and tourists to experience both in and around the Pozos district. Residents of the area can enjoy shopping and dining, as well as nightlife, history and architecture. 

Shuttles and taxis are readily available to help visitors and residents get around all areas of the city. While Pozos is home to some luxury properties, traveling outside the district is common for exploring the city and all it offers. 

There are nearly 300,000 people who call San Jose home, and many of them live in Pozos because they enjoy the natural beauty of the area and the proximity to water. As a focal point of economic and political activity, San Jose is also a good choice for anyone looking to understand more about the culture and values of Costa Rica as a whole. 

High levels of education are common in Costa Rica, and that holds true for Pozos. More than 97 percent of the population of residents over 10 years of age are literate, and there are a large number of colleges and universities in San Jose. 

The University of Santo Tomas was established in 1843 in San Jose and was the first university in Costa Rica. The public education system is also strong, with numerous schools around the city for convenience and to provide enough classroom space for a growing population. 

Auditoriums and theatres are numerous in San Jose, and many of them have architectural design that is inspired by European influence. These buildings are among the main tourist attractions for the city. 

Luxury properties are abundant in Pozos, and this quiet district of San Jose is a great choice for anyone who wants to be close to everything but also just enjoy the beauty of their natural surroundings. With many options to choose from in the Bosques de Lindora and Ecoresidencial Villa Real neighborhoods, residents can have everything they need in a beautiful property and excellent location. 

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