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WATCH: Georgia real estate duo tour a modern masterpiece


Kathryn Stone and Taite Sasnett, Realtors at Meybohm Real Estate in Augusta, Georgia, tour a beautifully finished home as they discuss the keys to real estate and speak fondly of their personal lives and families.

It was their loved ones that inspired each member of The Stone Team to break into real estate. Ms. Stone’s history dates back to the very beginning of Meybohm itself.

“My mother’s been with Meybohm since the day it started,” Ms. Stone said.

Similarly, My family’s worked in real estate, so I was exposed to it early on,” Ms. Sasnett added.

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Kathryn Stone and Taite Sasnett, Realtors of The Stone Team tour a modern listing in Augusta, Georgia

Like many in the industry, working with consumers is a top perk of the job for the pair.

“I love working with clients, helping them visualize how they’re going to live in a home,” Ms. Sasnett said.

“Fabulous customer service is key,” Ms. Stone said of her role as agent.

Organization is, too, according to Ms. Sasnett.

“Katherine and I live by our shared calendar date,” Ms. Sasnett said.

At day’s end, each likes to unwind with a glass of wine or by spending time with their respective families – Ms. Sasnett’s including her husband, four children and dog Maggie, and Ms. Stone’s her husband, seven-month-old son and three miniature schnauzers.

In terms of their own personal home preferences, Ms. Sasnett noted that air conditioning is a must in the southern United States and that she prefers neutrals over pops of color.

Ms. Stone usually prefers traditional home designs, but as they tour the impressive backdrop of the video, she makes an exception.

“We both live in historical homes, but this modern house is really swaying us,” she said. “Buyers are looking for clean lines and definitely move in-ready housing.”