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WATCH: Toronto native tours modern home with unbeatable kitchen


Stepping through the glossy interior of a Toronto home, Adam Weiner, a realtor at Harvey Kalles Real Estate, gives the full rundown of his career in real estate, his local community and his favorite things.  

The high-pace energy of the industry makes him an avid coffee drinker: any coffee is his favorite coffee, he points out. In his down time, he might watch the 1993 movie, True Romance, or spend time with his two pet dogs, one of which he called his COVID puppy.

“I think if I had to pick my favorite architectural style, it would be Georgian,” Mr. Weiner said about his house-related favorites. “I love that red brick and, especially, a lot of homes are now incorporating black veneers, black windows, black roofs off the red. I think it contrasts very beautifully.”

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Realtor Adam Weiner tours his Toronto listing
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Mr. Weiner has been selling homes in the Toronto area for the past 17 years, zeroing in on luxury as the neighborhood he grew up in upscaled over the years to feature a number of high-end listings. The bulk of his offerings can be found in Downtown, Uptown and Midtown Toronto.

The agent’s motivation in entering this energetic career path was simply his love for real estate.

“It was just one of those things that organically happened, where I used to look online, always for properties,” Mr. Weiner said. “I love real estate, and I just started gravitating towards the industry.”

Those looking to be successful in Mr. Weiner’s field must, first of all, share his love for the industry, but also be extraordinarily knowledgeable on the subject.

“I think it’s a matter of meeting as many people as possible, putting together a database and, really, most importantly, knowing an area or a neighborhood that [an agent] feels comfortable working in, because I do feel that, at the end of the day, you have to be passionate and comfortable speaking about whatever product it is that you’re selling,” he said.

Creature comfort

In considering what is most in demand in Toronto, cold Canada winters mean buyers seek out some practical and comfortable, but nonetheless luxurious, amenities such as heated driveways, heated basements and home automation systems, according to Mr. Weiner. 

Location, as expected, is also essential. 

“They’re looking for proximity to good schools, shopping, and I find that a lot of people, especially with our COVID pandemic the last couple of years, are looking for access to a lot of nature as well to be outside more,” Mr. Weiner said. 

In terms of the house that Mr. Weiner toured, his favorite amenity is no other than the heart of the home. 

“I would probably say the kitchen,” Mr. Weiner said. “I think it’s got really, really beautiful finishes. I love the brass accents that a lot of people are using these days that are pretty in style. It’s got a lovely, high end gas range, built-in appliances – all comes together very nicely with these porcelain counters.”  

Plus, the kitchen incorporates the popularity of nature that Toronto residents love so much. 

“What I love about it as well is it allows a lot of natural light in this house,” Mr. Weiner said. “It’s south-facing and it’s a nice walk out to a very private backyard.”