New issue of Luxury Portfolio magazine takes readers on a trip around the globe


The latest issue of Luxury Portfolio magazine was unveiled today – the third installment since Luxury Portfolio International revamped the look, feel and content of its signature publication.

On the heels of spectacular September 2021 and March 2022 volumes, which showcased the organization’s fresh editorial approach and focused on themes of optimism and elegance, respectively, the September 2022 issue, Volume 12, Number 2, celebrates different cultures around the world.

“There is much to discover in this issue, including fabulous real estate,” said Mickey Alam Khan, president of LPI and editor in chief and publisher of the magazine.

“Our theme is experiencing culture through global exposure, each destination inviting a longer, more immersive stay, active contemplation and perhaps a property purchase, if the desire holds,” he said.

The biannual magazine, published by the network of more than 245 independent, locally connected real estate brokerages in 35-plus countries, is distributed at newsstands across the United States and Canada, including Barnes & Noble stores, and in international airport lounges.

Voyage of discovery

The new issue continues to offer a wide range of luxury content covering real estate, design, travel and lifestyle.

Readers will get an in-depth look at midcentury desert modern architecture in Palm Springs, learn about a South African museum championing art from the continent, peek inside the real estate market in Dubai, travel to Italy, Israel, Japan and Brazil, and sample Indian food, Scotch Whisky and the latest in high-end baby strollers.

The magazine’s 216 pages have something to interest just about anyone, and the bright, linen cover will be at home on any coffee table.

“This issue of Luxury Portfolio magazine offers plenty of opportunity to deep-dive,” Mr. Alam Khan said. “We have featured cities and regions from around the world, focusing on local cultural, design, culinary and sightseeing experiences for singles, couples, families and friends.”

Read the full digital version of the September 2022 issue of Luxury Portfolio magazine here.