New issue of Luxury Portfolio magazine, celebrating global heritage, out now


The latest issue of Luxury Portfolio magazine – Volume 13, Issue 1 – was released today, welcoming the resumption of global travel at full throttle.

The March 2023 issue marks the fourth installment since the publication in 2021 revamped its look and content, worthy of any bookshelf or coffee table.

Luxury Portfolio’s latest issue is yet another indicator of the Luxury Portfolio International network’s global and cosmopolitan outlook,” said Mickey Alam Khan, the title’s editor and publisher and Luxury Portfolio president.

“Each article is a deep-dive into an issue that would interest discerning audiences and collectors,” he said. “Writers Lisa Klein and Linsey Stonchus have surpassed themselves with the engaging tone and stimulating images designed to keep the reader immersed from cover to cover.”

Haute heritage

The theme of the new issue is celebrating global heritage. Its 196 pages are full of fresh editorial on the subject in the real estate, design, travel and lifestyle categories.

Real estate articles take in classic resort destinations across the United States, the current market in Australia and New Zealand, and showcase astounding properties listed by Luxury Portfolio International members.

The design section offers lessons in art deco design, vintage posters, midcentury automobiles and how color palettes can be used at home to manifest new moods and life changes.

Travel pieces take readers on trips through the narrow streets of Cairo, to the mind-boggling Seven Wonders of the Natural World, for a soak in the thermal waters of historic spa towns in Europe and diving with whale sharks in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

Heritage is further explored in lifestyle stories about the perfume-making traditions in Grasse, France, the roots of jazz music in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the varied cuisines of China – all capped off with an ode to Italy’s Cinque Terre.

The biannual magazine, published by the network of more than 250 independent, locally connected real estate brokerages in 35-plus countries, is distributed at Barnes & Noble and other newsstands across the United States and Canada, and in international airport lounges.

“Our Luxury Portfolio magazine is also designed to be a great aid to our network’s luxury brokers and agents as they pitch affluent homeowners to work with them,” Mr. Alam Khan said. “The magazine complements the marketing and experiences delivered by the network to ensure that our listings gain the right visibility with the right eyeballs. But first it has to be an engaging read, which this issue is without a doubt.”

Read the full digital version of the March 2023 issue of Luxury Portfolio magazine here.

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