Luxury Lifestyles: A Look At Ethical Luxury

By Linsey Stonchus

The world of luxury has long been considered global. A global brand, after all, is one that prioritizes diversity, inclusivity, sustainability, and traceability from top to bottom. That’s why we’re putting the spotlight on our favorite brands that are paving the way for a new type of luxury that celebrates globalism in an ethical manner.

Futura Jewelry

The unfortunate reality is that 99% of the world’s gold is produced by emitting toxic chemicals into the environment. In mining communities, the ecosystem and residents often bear the brunt of the damage, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Ethical leaders, like Futura Jewelry, are setting a new standard in clean gold mining. Striving to make a net positive impact, they work directly with mining communities around the world that need help with environmental clean-up, education, and financial support to transition to clean mining. Using exclusively Fairmined Certified Ecological 18kt gold, Futura Jewelry is crafted by the world’s leading artisans so you can look good and feel good.

Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath is very likely the most influential makeup artist in the world. For over two decades, she has been the creator behind countless cosmetic lines, runway shows, and advertising campaigns for such brands as Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton (to name only a few), and McGrath has done all of this as a Black woman in an industry where people of color are often underrepresented. Perhaps that’s why Pat McGrath Labs saw the importance of creating a truly inclusive line of cosmetics, as evidenced by their iconic Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation. Available in 36 different colors and five shade levels that are curated for every skin type, the nourishing formulation caters to all citizens of the world, regardless of where they are from or what they look like.

Leticia Credidio

The oceans connect us with different people and places all around the world, which is just one of the reasons to get excited about the Ocean collection from London-based sleep and loungewear specialist Leticia Credidio. An homage to our world’s oceans and coral reefs, the silky smooth collection is crafted in Italy using sustainable seaweed fabrics that are bespoke made and weaved in Germany. In addition to its stylish look and breezy feel, the innovative fabric is said to release a gentle hydration on the skin when worn, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and nourished each morning.

Stella McCartney

As a longtime innovator in the world of luxury fashion, Stella McCartney’s eponymous brand is committed to using ethical alternatives to fur and leather without compromising quality or style. In particular, their Vegetarian Leather, made from polyurethane and polyester, is as good as it gets for those in search of garments, shoes, and handbags that they can flaunt proudly. It’s not only animals that benefit from Stella McCartney’s cutting-edge materials, however, as their Vegetarian Leather creates 24 times less of an environmental impact as Brazilian calf leather, according to the Environmental Profit and Loss (EP&L). That means you can help protect the planet while remaining at the forefront of luxury fashion.

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