luxury real estate outlook 2022

Luxury Hour: Luxury Real Estate Outlook 2022 (webcast)

The past 18 months have completely turned the tables for the economy, with the luxury real estate market becoming a key beneficiary of shifting work-life behavior.

Accordingly, a new hybrid lifestyle with remote working away from the typical five days a week in the office has spawned opportunities for real estate professionals. As a result, demand has grown for spacious homes with modern amenities to accommodate work, life and play.

Additionally, a booming stock market, diverted spending into property that otherwise would have gone toward travel, and millennials jumping from renting to owning have pressured inventory levels.

So, what does this mean for the future of luxury real estate professionals and the business? Will the good times last? Rather, will there be a taper to more realistic, pre-pandemic levels of consumption and buying patterns?

This Luxury Hour Luxury Real Estate Outlook 2022 on December 9 at 11 a.m. ET will discuss:

  • Will the party continue in 2022?
  • How has the pandemic changed the luxury consumer in ways that will impact home-buying?
  • What can real estate professionals expect in terms of listings, asking price, time to contract and lending rates?
  • How will the design aesthetic of luxury properties evolve?
  • Will the global traveler re-embrace cross-border travel, lifting home sales around the world?
  • What keeps industry up at night?


Moderator: Mickey ALAM KHAN, president, Luxury Portfolio International, and editor in chief, Luxury Daily

This Luxury Hour Luxury Real Estate Outlook 2022 webcast is free and will be recorded.

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