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Luxury Portfolio magazine: The best sleep ever

Catching eight hours of sleep every night is not just a luxury — it’s a necessity. We know how difficult it can be to unwind at the end of the day, but with today’s most innovative sleep gadgets you’ll be sure to drift into a deeper slumber each night. 


There’s something unnatural about waking up in a darkened room with a blaring alarm clock. In fact, studies have shown that dawn simulation, the process of gradually illuminating your bedroom over the course of 30 minutes, helps to naturally bring your sleep cycle to an end so you wake up feeling fresh and energized. The Miami Sunrise Light from Lexon is designed for exactly that with a soft and progressive light that mimics the rising sun and allows you to wake up the way nature intended.


Whether you’re on a plane or in the comfort of your own bed, the Dreamlight Pro will transport you to a world of instant tranquility. This high-tech mask is a wearable sleep meditation system that utilizes light therapy to induce relaxation and mindful breathing. Four built-in speakers create a surround-sound experience for playing nature sounds or your choice of music, while the cross-platform app delivers personalized insights that allow you to better understand your sleep cycle and get the most of each night’s rest.


The Somnox Sleep Robot is scientifically engineeredto be the world’s greatest cuddle buddy. The plush robot, which is roughly the size of a teddy bear but ergonomically shaped for spooning, will synchronize with your breathing rhythm and gradually slow down to facilitate deep relaxation while lulling you to sleep. It can even play a variety of soothing sounds, from guided meditation to white noise, that are controlled via the app on your smartphone and is just the right size to be the perfect travel companion when you’re on the go.


Achieving the optimal temperature is essential to a good night’s sleep, but it can be a challenge when one partner runs hot and the other cold. Fortunately, the Smart Duvet has you covered, literally, with just the solution. This dual-zone, climate-controlled duvet allows you to set each side of the bed to different temperatures via your smartphone to keep you both comfortable at night. You can even control the flow of cool or warm air under the covers and its innovative “self-making” feature will save you time in the morning by making the bed with the push of a button on the Smart Duvet app.

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