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WATCH: Long Island agent Richard Bocchieri tours a luxury waterfront


In the new episode of Friday Faces, luxury agent Richard Bocchieri of Netter Real Estate showcases his remarkable on-the-water property as he discusses his all-time favorite books, coffee order and architectural styles.

The New York native grew up working for a butcher in Brooklyn before making his way to West Islip, New York. Now a real estate veteran of 34 years, Mr. Bocchieri maintains his on-the-go lifestyle in his personal life.

“I like to do sports,” he said. “I’m very active. I do yoga, Pilates, I play platform tennis, I play pickleball, bicycle riding, swimming.”

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Luxury real estate agent Richard Bocchieri talks home preferences in Friday Faces.
Old world

Mr Bocchieri’s area is known for its selection of remarkable Cape Cods, ranches, colonials, splits and farm ranches. Colonials and ranches are among the most sought-after properties.

The perfect man for the job, Mr. Bocchieri’s architectural preferences align with that of his market.

“I really like older homes – traditionals, colonials, you know, real classical,” he said.

The listing that Mr. Bocchieri toured during his interview is significantly younger, built in 2001 and sitting on Magoun Landing. Beyond the floating deck in the backyard, other amenities include an observatory, cathedral ceilings and sauna.

If he could live anywhere else, he would return to his roots in the big city.

“I would love to have a nice apartment in Manhattan, probably on the Upper East Side, where my daughter lives,” Mr. Bocchieri said.

Holiday spirit

Outside of the real estate world, Mr. Bocchieri enjoys double espressos from Starbucks and red wine, depending on whether he wants to fuel his day or wind down.

The agent’s classical tastes extend beyond his interest in homes.

“Believe it or not, my favorite book is The Catcher in the Rye,” Mr. Bocchieri said. “I’ll never forget that book.

“I also remember another book that got me to go into college, and that was The Book of Today,” he said. “It was published in the late 1800s and sits somewhere on my shelf, but that really got me interested in learning about the world.”

Mr. Bocchieri appreciates media with a larger and positive message. One of his favorite movies, for instance, is a perfect watch for December.

It’s a Wonderful Life, Frank Capra’s movie with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, and also the movie Life Is Beautiful, which won an Academy Award and very similar to [It’s a Wonderful Life], and shows the positive things in human beings and in nature,” he said.