Martin Dragnev was recognized by Real Trends in 2023 as one of America's Best REALTORS, raking in the top 1.5% of more than 1.6 million licensed Realtors nationwide based on 2022 sales. He ranked #42 for Sides and #126 for Volume, for individual agents.
Martin was born and raised in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe) in a family with very scarce resources. Upon completion of the course material at the University of Economics, Varna where Martin studied marketing, he seized the extraordinary opportunity life had offered him and moved to the United States. In 2000, Martin arrived in New York City filled with enthusiasm, enchanted by the large skyscrapers, and carrying a $100 bill in his pocket. However, he had brought with him everything that he needed…his past had taught him diligence in his work; his present had offered him the opportunity to follow his dreams.
A year later, in May 2001, Martin moved to Steamboat Springs and immediately fell in love with the friendly community and the magical beauty of the Yampa Valley. The famous Yampa Valley curse: ”once a person visits the valley, he or she will forever be enchanted and compelled to return” got him also, but for Martin it wasn’t a curse, but rather an amazing place to call home.