Bob Sutton is a 3rd Generation native of Fort Collins, CO and has spent his whole life here.


Favorite memories are with his hero Grandpa Mapes, constantly hiking/fishing all summer long in the Poudre Canyon during his childhood. In his early 20’s he was introduced to real estate while working for the local limestone mine. From buying fixer uppers, to eventually owning a few rental properties, his passion for real estate has grown from there. Teaching and education have turned into Bob’s niche in Real Estate. Most agents have met him through taking either ethics, continuing education, pre licensing, Realtor Safety, etc. from the various organizations in Northern Colorado he teaches at. He has 18 years of real estate experience and enjoys being involved with the Fort Collins Board of Realtors. He just finished being Chair for the Organization in 2017, and in 2018 he was named Realtor of the Year. A large majority of friends and clients love looking forward to his silly posts on Facebook, often sharing a laugh with him about it and encouraging more when they bump into him. Bob, Kassia, and his daughter Alauna can always be found at the hockey games cheering for their favorite team the Colorado Eagles.


Bob and his wife, Kassia, live in North Fort Collins and wouldn't live anywhere else. They work as a team and hope you will consider them as your real estate professionals when it comes time for you to start achieving y