Rose, originally from Cape Cod, spent her childhood frequenting Martha’s Vineyard, where her father’s general contracting business was centered. Coming from a family of builders, she’s always appreciated and understood the construction process—and if she hadn’t found real estate, she would have been in the building business too.

After graduating from Tulane University, Rose moved to be closer to her family in New England; It was a natural choice to live on Martha’s Vineyard. She joined Sandpiper Realty in 2011 and says it’s been her anchor ever since. She was lucky to work directly for one of Sandpiper’s top producers for two years before successfully becoming an independent agent, providing a rare and invaluable real estate education.

Clients greatly value her professionalism, as well as her constant, clear communication. They have acknowledged her for being “amazingly steadfast, patient, always informed, and extremely thorough.”