My clients tell me that I’m just the right balance of friendly and fierce. Which I love.

I am friendly: I adore my clients, which means I show up with a genuinely positive, energetic and caring vibe. I listen closely, encourage sincere conversation, and provide honest, timely, expert advice. Many of my clients have become cherished friends – that’s how well we get along. My reputation among realtors as upfront, honest, and collaborative means other agents are eager to work with me – which is crucial in this business.

And yes, for my clients’ sake, I can be fierce. I’m a sharp negotiator, never pushy, straight forward, clear and cool. I’m proud to be designated as a Real Estate Negotiation Expert; negotiating is one of the most powerful tools I can employ for my clients. Getting the best possible deal takes creative thinking, problem solving on-the-fly, and a keen sense of what’s at stake. The best deals have everyone at the table feeling that they’ve won.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling, let’s grab coffee and talk. I’d love to explain further why a strong code of ethics is so important in this business, how the Toronto market has a personality of its own, and how I keep my clients’ best interests at heart.