Real estate agent John Camlet has been a licensed and successful Realtor since 2013. Before working in real estate, John had a lucrative 25-year career as an institutional commodity broker and trader working for financial institutions from Wall Street to Tokyo! With lightning-quick mental reflexes and the ability to keep a cool head under pressure, John is a patient, caring and reliable agent who can help you realize your real estate goals!
Going above and beyond is all part of a typical day for John! He has rolled up his sleeves when needed – from climbing a 30-foot ladder to replace a lightbulb in the eave of a million-dollar mansion to helping disassemble an above-ground pool and filling three dumpsters in a $300k home! In his words, “I’m willing to go the extra mile to make your dream happen! Whatever it takes!”
John calls the South Shore of Long Island home, spending any free time enjoying the beaches and nature preserves. With a working knowledge in local schools, a deep long-term commitment to the Scouts, and his entire family active in the “Keep Islip Clean” road sponsorship program for over 10 years, John puts his whole heart into the things that matter most to him. Lucky for you, that includes his real estate business! Give John a call today to find out how he can help you purchase a home or sell one!