Proudly born and raised in the Bronx, my husband and I moved to Long Island after we got married, and we will be celebrating our 30th year as Long Islanders in 2023. We raised 3 sons on the North Shore, who went on to graduate from colleges in New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.
For close to two decades, I worked in television news for a major network and then transitioned to working in cable news on Long Island while raising my boys. My career transitioned yet again when I began working in a clerical/office assistant position in our local school district, where I have been for close to 20 years. From being a class parent, as well as a team mom for several sports, to volunteer work and community involvement, I like to think I’ve met everyone and have been everywhere on Long Island!
Sprinkled in between my career(s), parenting, community involvement, and spending time with friends locally and in other parts of the tri-state area, I also love to write and make people laugh.
People are interesting, life is short and my love of learning never stops. Working as a licensed real estate agent with Howard Hanna | Coach Realtors has given me the opportunity to continue to do all the things I enjoy.  I believe my ability to communicate well, relate to others, and my sense of humor, provide me with the tools to give my clients a calm and pleasant experience in one of the most exciting, but trying, times of their lives.