Alicia Cancel is a licensed real estate agent since 2006 and is a consummate Realtor. Coach Realtors acquired the small brokerage firm where Alicia worked as an office admin manager. That’s when Alicia, who had been long fascinated with real estate, decided to obtain her real estate license.
Since then, Alicia loves helping clients transition from one phase of their life to another, regardless of whether it’s buying or selling. Armed with the years of experience derived from time spent working “behind the desk,” Alicia presents a complete understanding of how transactions flow and what’s needed to complete them smoothly. As a double-threat (both admin and sales), and with many completed listings and sales since 2006, Alicia continues to aid agents in her office with the resolution of any issues they may have, helping them with their business and providing Alicia with the benefit of the extra experience. Alicia comfortably communicates with attorneys, real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, home inspection engineers, and other parties, with confidence.
Alicia is a Certified Buyer’s Agent and also a Certified Master in Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. You could accurately say that Alicia enjoys taking your stress away! If you are thinking of purchasing or selling a property, or even if you just want a feel for the current market, reach out to Alicia for the information you need, today!