For Noel Mason, her clients journey is her journey. Her enthusiasm, passion and solidarity with her clients are the pillars to her success. When working on their behalf, Noel operates with tenacity and full discretion to make their dreams a reality. Her ability to form relationships and nurture them from start to finish is unparalleled. It begins with attentively listening to the needs and concerns of her client. Then, it develops with helpful communication to inform her client what they need to know to make a smart decision. An effective, well-crafted marketing plan is then put into place to provide exceptional support, all while being upheld through honesty, credibility and integrity. Having lived in Manhattan, the Hamptons and Palm Beach, Noel possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of these areas. She can provide information and referrals for those seeking or living the luxury lifestyle. Nol grew up in Palm Beach, Florida where today she continues to own a residence. After gradua