Terry Naini is a seasoned professional marketer, consultant and sales broker in Brooklyn & Manhattan. She is often sought after for her breadth of knowledge of the marketplace as well as her strategic approach. Terry's prior training in business management as well as molecular biology have sharpened her ability to think critically and enabled her to effectively advise her clients. Terry lives in Downtown Brooklyn with her husband, their two girls and lovely dog. When not working, you can often find her practicing yoga at Jivamukti in Union Square or enjoying nature up in Litchfield County. She speaks fluent Farsi and English and also has an understanding of Italian. "The quiet storm." - Ryan Fitzpatrick "Terry's the broker you thought couldn't exist - warm, open, knowledgeable and straight forward." - Adam Freed & Ken Ohashi "Much like a family physician, Terry is our family broker." - Laurie Simmons "The closer." - Tanya & Glen Luchford