Jean Meisel, frequently referred to as one of Manhattans preeminent real estate professionals, became a licensed Real Estate broker in 1980, prior to which she bought, rehabilitated and then resold residential properties on her own account. She joined Brown Harris Stevens in July of 1987 after seven years of helping enhance the reputation of the Corcoran Group. She specializes in selling both on the East & West Side, Park & Fifth Avenue townhouses, penthouses and apartments that are primarily at the upper range of the market and also deals with commercial properties. In addition, Jean has negotiated record-breaking sales on Central Park South/West, uptown and downtown. Despite these marked successes, she advises with equal enthusiasm and integrity people whose budgets are more modest. Her colleagues hold her in the highest regard and she enjoys the respect, admiration and loyalty of her prestigious clientele. Where, who and how much are subjects she simply will not discuss Im a stickler for privacy and maintaining client confidentiality, she says. This may also explain why most people I serve, regardless of the dollars involved, become valuable friends and my most enthusiastic boosters. Jean prefers being known as the stealth broker. She is reputed for ethical business dealings and serves her clients without riding on their fame and notoriety. People know she can be trusted with their personal and corporate information. Buying and selling in affluent markets is second nature to Meisel. She lived abroad for three years and ran a Hong Kong based trading company that imported and exported a variety of upscale products. Her knowledge of international markets and her overseas travels have proven extremely valuable to her clients. A New York native, she holds both a BS undergraduate and an MS degree from City University of New York. She actively participates in a range of charities as she believes that Problems are Opportunities for Solutions. She makes time to work i