The first thing you notice when you speak to Robert Doernberg about his work is his incredible knowledge of New Yorks buildings and real estate market. He is a maven, with over 20 years as a broker and as a manager of brokers. Roberts expertise is so deep that he was asked to create the training program for a major Manhattan firm, which he delivered to new brokers for over 15 years. Experience is important in any discipline, but New Yorks real estate market is so specific and can be so confrontational, that a real understanding of its workings is key. The second is his warmth and humor. Robert has a profound respect for other people, which is vital in the ego-driven negotiation that accompanies real estate transactions. Whatever unreasonable or difficult moment arises during the lengthy negotiation process, Robert always manages the situation with grace, in the best interests of his client. There was a moment in the purchase of our apartment where it truly felt as if the whole deal was going to fall apart. We were devastated. Robert managed to craft an agreement with the seller in face of no-agreement from the lawyer. I really got the sense that the other broker relied on him to solve it. I cannot recommend his people sense highly enough. Patricia Hogan, Manhattan. Roberts lifelong love of architecture and the city is evident in his work and on any given day, he can take you on a real estate tour of the city. He can regularly be found camera in hand, personally documenting life and the ever-changing landscape of this most interesting of cities. A native New Yorker, Robert has lived in Germany, Belgium and Japan. He lives in Midtown Manhattan, where he collects and admires mid-century art, and Southhampton, New York, home of his turn-of-the-century furniture and Native American art collections. Roberts experience comes from his years at Warburg Realty, the Trump Corporation and Zeckendorf Company/Worldwide Holdings. He is proud to call Brown Harris Steven