When the BBC, the NY Times, In Style or NY Magazine are in search of NYC Real Estate information, be it an overview of current market conditions or relocating high profile clients their first calls are often to Robin and Nancy Horowitz. These charismatic "Irish twins" collectively have over 30 years experience in the NY residential Real Estate market. Robin is renowned for her incomparable negotiating skills while Nancy can be found burning the midnight oil in a snowstorm with a customer at her side and a key in her hand to a loft they just listed. This combination of intellect and grit with their engaging personalities and captivating presence has made for a formidable team. Robin and Nancy joined forces in 1992 ultimately making a home at Halstead, a Company that provides the inspiration, support, encouragement and freedom to actualize their potential as one of the most recognized and highly regarded teams in NYCs Real Estate Industry. During our interview Nancy suggested I read some thank you notes from recent clients. One excerpt was from a card written by a very private prominent Republican client who probably leans as far right as they do left."Your integrity, professional guidance and expertise along with your candor, charm, and wit made a potentially difficult experience an enriching endeavor, but more important your humanity* made you our friends." This note was my favorite because the sisters politics pretty closely align with their mothers, a commanding and influential presence in the Democratic party throughout the 1960s and 1970s. She was a Democratic Congressional candidate and served in various capacities including speech writing and campaign management for Eugene McCarthy, Al Lowenstein, and Paul Odwyer among others. Like the city they were born in, diversity intrigues these two, they have a way of inspiring confidence and putting everyone at ease. Robin and Nancy reminded me throughout their interview that it is their connection to the people in th